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Not A Dirty Word: Taking Back the Meaning of Feedback

How to create a Healthy Culture of Feedback from 1:1s to Performance Reviews

Taking back the meaning of Feedback webinar - on-demand

Let’s be honest, you might have cringed a bit when even reading the word “Feedback” just now. Feedback tends to have a negative connotation. For example, when someone tells you that they have some feedback, does your heart sink a little? Do you begin to wonder what could have gone wrong and dread the coming dialogue?

That’s totally normal given the way we talk about and utilize feedback. But if feedback is used the way it should be as a coaching tool, these conversations would be anticipated with an expectation to learn, develop, and grow.

Honest two-way feedback is a critical ingredient for growth, and it’s time we start redeeming the meaning of feedback to drive a culture of continuous development. In this webinar, Holly Tate (SVP of Growth, Leadr) and Karissa Parks (Account Executive, Leadr) will teach you a few ways you can practice creating a culture of feedback (the good kind) with your team. These topics will include: 

  • How to implement two-way feedback as a regular practice on your team
  • Giving more positive than negative feedback
  • Giving feedback during each 1:1 from a coach perspective vs. a manager perspective
  • How feedback sets your team up for successful performance reviews (without anxiety) 

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