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How to Effectively Develop Your Team Using 1:1 Meetings

You’ve heard us say that the 1:1 meeting is a manager’s most powerful leadership development tool. But how do you practically lead a 1:1 that truly develops your team members?

In this webinar, we walk you through how our team at Leadr uses 1:1’s to drive engagement, care for and develop each person, and walk away from every meeting with actionable takeaways.

Check out this webinar to hear two unique perspectives from our SVP of Growth, Holly Tate, and our Senior Marketing Manager, Karissa Parks on how to run an effective 1:1 meeting. Learn:

  • How they break up their 1:1 meeting agenda to make the most of each meeting
  • Actual questions and topics they cover each week
  • The development and coaching components of the 1:1 meeting first-hand
  • How executives, middle managers and individual contributors can have more effective 1:1s
Whether you work on an in-person or remote team, and whether you are new to management or have been leading for years, this webinar is your key to engaging and growing every member of your team.

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