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The One-To-One Meeting: A How-To Guide.
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11 Meetings eBook

Not all meetings are created equal, and the one-to-one meeting is king. Leadr has put together this guide to help you understand what a 1:1 meeting is, its benefits for both parties involved, how to prepare for it, and more.

This ebook covers all the essentials of how to have a one-to-one meeting. Table of Contents:

Section One - the Basics

  • Definition: What is a One on One Meeting?
  • Why Are They Important? 
  • How to Make Them Effective

Section Two - Strategy & Tactics

  • Choosing the Best Format (length, setting, frequency)
  • How to Set the Agenda
  • Knowing Which Questions to Ask During the Meeting
  • Tools for and Importance of Documentation
  • Free Downloadable Template
  • “But what if…” Key Scenarios and How to Deal with Them

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“The weekly 1:1 meeting is the most effective leadership development tool a manager has.”