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Better conversations aren’t always easy.
These conversation cards will help.

Conversation Cards

Conversation Cards for Teams contains 44 structured conversation prompts and suggested action items, each aligned to a workplace statistic, allowing you to kick-off quality conversations in a non-threatening way.

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Great organizational culture is driven by strong relationship and strong relationships are built by having meaningful conversations.

However, knowing how to have these conversations with all employees and helping your teams to ask great questions can be a challenge.

These conversation cards for work are designed to help you facilitate structured, meaningful conversations with each member of your team.

Pull out a card during a weekly 1:1 or a team meeting and then direct the conversation from there in the way you believe will most benefit your employees.

Every deck of cards contains:

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“I love the action items and that the conversation continues afterwards. This is an excellent way to elicit feedback without putting anyone on the spot.”