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Best Next Step: How to Create a Personalized Development Plan for Every Employee

How to Create a Personalized Development Plan for Every Employee on demand

A new year is always full of excitement and the best intentions to set lofty goals. But we all know how quickly those shiny new goals become a snoozed alarm clock, a forgotten checklist, or an empty whiteboard. 

According to Insider, 23 percent of New Year's resolutions fail within just one week. Why? Too often, we set ambitious goals without breaking down how we will actually achieve them. 

So how can you make that new year energy last and carry it throughout the year? 

Personalized Development Plans (PDPs).

As you start setting goals for 2023, we’re hosting a webinar walking you through the practices that will help you turn your high-level goals into actionable outcomes for each person on your team through PDPs.

Fill out the form to watch the on demand webinar with Leadr CEO & Co-Founder, Matt Tresidder and SVP of Growth, Holly Tate to learn:

  • How we implement PDPs through our internal leadership development program at Leadr
  • How to break down your organization’s goals into individual action items for each person on your team using a PDP
  • The elements of a successful PDP
  • How to stay focused on your goals throughout the year
  • The habits that lead to successful outcomes when implementing a PDP
  • Bonus: When you register, you’ll also be sent a Personalized Development Plan template to use with your team members

Your organization’s goals become a reality when each person on your team can set and track their goals on an individual level. Join us to learn how you can maintain your new year energy all year around.

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