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The 101 of 1:1 Meetings

12 tips to more effective 1:1 meetings

101 of 11s Video Series

The one question we’re asked more than any other at Leadr is “how can I have more effective 1:1 meetings.” 

The truth is, our 1:1 meetings always have room for improvement. That’s why each Monday in our weekly all staff meeting, our CEO and Co-founder, Matt Tresidder, shares a 1:1 meeting tip to help us continuously work towards more intentional 1:1 meetings. 

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Over the next 12 weeks, you’ll get tips on:

  • The ideal cadence and length for 1:1 meetings
  • 1:1 meeting topic suggestions
  • Statistics on the most effective 1:1 meeting structures
  • And tips on prioritizing people over projects for a more engaged team

Let’s get started on our journey to better 1:1 meetings.

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