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Free 1:1 Meeting Template

Your guide to more effective 1:1 meetings.

11 Meeting Template


1:1 meetings are a leaders most powerful tool, but getting started can be hard. 

It can be tempting to show up to the meeting, get right down to business, and leave without resourcing your team to win.

According to Reclaim, one-on-one meetings have increased over 500% since before the pandemic. Now, the average worker spends 8.9% of their week in one-on-one meetings alone.

When you spend nearly 10% of your week in 1:1s, it's essential that they're productive.

That's why we've created a free 1:1 meeting template to help you commit to more intentional conversations that help you care for and develop every person on your team.

Learn the 3 components of an effective 1:1 meeting and get tips on how to get the most out of your meeting time.

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